Social Change and Social Order In Rural and Urban Society

  • Question 1

    What is meant by the following terms/words :

    (a) Progress, (b) Technology, (c) Evolution, (d) Revolution.

    (a) Progress : Progress is an effort to attain the goal which is defined and has support from social values.

    (b) Technology : Knowledge of tools and techniques by which man produces something for their use in society.

    (c) Evolution : It means gradual (or slow) process of growth and development of society towards more developed stage.

    (d) Revolution : Through conflict between groups sudden and overall change in the basic form of the society takes place. This process is revolution.

    Question 2

    Explain the meaning of the following terms/words :

    (i) Diffusion, (ii) Social change, (iii) Cultural change, (iv) Envinronment.

    (i) Diffusion : It is one of the factors of social change. The passing of some traits (aspects) of a particular culture to a second one is called diffusion.

    (ii) Social Change means changes in social structure and social relationships of a society. Under social change the changes in family marriage, kinship, economy, politics, age, distribution, birth and death rates of population, etc. are included.

    (iii) Cultural Change means changes in the culture of a society, i.e., ideas, knowledge, values, morality, religion, art, etc.

    (iv) Environment : Ecology, commonly known as environment.

    Question 3

    How does growth in population bring social change in society ?

    Growth in Population and Social Change : 1. Increase of population may creates so many problems for the society. These problems have great impact in all spheres of life.

    2. The balance between the size of the population and natural resources (i.e., land, water, forest, minerals, etc.) of a country is significant. Any change in this balance brings social change. Industrialised nations require to maintain this balance. Otherwise, they will not be in a position to keep the continuity of growth and development due to shortage of resources.

    Question 4

    What do you understand by ‘progress’ ?

    Progress : Progress is an effort to attain the good which is defined and which has support from social values.

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