Life on the Earth

  • Question 93

    What term is used for process of energy transfer from one trophic level to another ?

    Ecological efficiency
    Question 94

    Explain the tropical biome.

    Forests biomes are-Tropical, Temperate and Boreal.

    Characteristics of Tropical Forests : These are of two types Tropical Rainforests.

    Tropical Rainforests : Tropical Deciduous Forests.

    1. Tropical Rainforests are found near the equator (10° N and S).

    2. The temperature is 20°C to 25°C and the rainfall is about 200 cm.

    3. Trees are usually large and tall and make canopy.

    Tropical Deciduous Forest:

    1. Tropical deciduous forests occur 10°-25°N and S. Latitudes.

    2. Rainfall is about 100 cm.

    3. Trees are of medium height

    Question 95

    Make a comparison between desert and Savanna biomes.

    Deserts are sub divided into four types- Hot and Dry desert, Semi arid desert, Coastal desert and Cold desert. Deserts are rich in nutrients with little or no organic matter. This biome supports few large mammals, insects reptiles and birds, rabbits, rats, ante lopes and ground squirrels.

    Savanna are characterized by coarse grass and scattered trees on the margins of the tropics where rainfall is seasonal and wet seasons alternate with dry season. This biome supports the greatest variety of animals, such as zebra, giraffe, elephant, etc.
    Question 96

    Write F for false and T for true against each of the following statement:


    Eco-system is a system which comprises the physical environment and organisms which live therein.


    Producers do not produce their own food.


    Consumers depend on other organisms for their food.


    A Herbivore does not depend on plant.


    A carnivore feeds on animals.

    A. True
    B. False
    C. True
    D. False
    E. True

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