Life on the Earth

  • Question 33

    Name the system which comprises of the physical environment and the organisms which live therein.

    Question 34

    What is an ecological system ? Identify the major types of ecosystems in the world.

    The interactions of a particular group of organism with land, air and water within a particular habitat or habitats resulting in clearly defined energy flows and material cycles on land, water and air are called ecological systems.

    There are two major types of ecosystems :

    (i) Terrestrial and
    (ii) Aquatic ecosystem.

    Question 35

    Mention five kingdoms into which different organisms are divided.


    The five kingdoms are as under:

    i. Monera (Single cell microscopic organisms).

    ii. Protista (Unicellular, mainly aquatic organisms).

    iii. Plantae (Multicellular photosynthetic plants).

    iv. Fungi (Multicellular decomposers).

    v. Animalia (Multicellular animal consumers).

    Question 36

    What is a food-chain? Give one example of a grazing food-chain identifying the various levels.

    The sequence of eating and being eaten with the resultant transfer of energy from one level to another level is known as food chain.

    The example is that the plants and grass is eaten by a deer and the deer is being eaten by lion. In this way the energy is transferred from one level to another.

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