• Question 69

    Take an outline map of India or sub-continent. Having the names of countries as well as of the Indian Union’s states co-provinces mark with a suitable symbol to show the Indian states or provinces with the second Chamber of Legislature.


    Five States (or provinces) having a bicarmeral legislature:

    1. Bihar

    2. Uttar Pradesh

    3. Jammu and Kashmir

    4. Karnataka

    5. Maharashtra.

    Question 70

    Prepare a chart showing the powers of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.


    Powers of the Lok Sabha

    Powers of Rajya Sabha

    â–« Makes laws on matters Included In Union List and Concurrent List. Can introduce and enact money and non money bills.

    â–« Approves proposals for taxation, budgets and annual financial statements.

    â–« Controls the executive by asking questions, supplementary questions, resolutions and motions and through no confidence motion.

    â–« Amends the Constitution.

    â–« Approves the Proclamation of emergency.

    â–« Elects the President and Vice President and removes Judges of Supreme Court and High Court.

    â–« Establishes committees and commissions and considers their reports.

    â–« Considers and approves non money bills and suggests amendments to money bills.

    â–« Approves constitutional amendments.

    â–« Exercises control over executive by asking questions, introducing motions and resolutions.

    â–« Participates in the election and removal of the President, Vice President. Judges of Supreme Court and High Court .It can alone initiate the procedure for removal of Vice President.

    â–« Can give the Union parliament power to make laws on matters included in the State list.


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