Environment and Society

  • Question 1

    What is meant by the following terms/words
    (a) Urban Ecology, (b) Environment, (c) Ecology.

    (a) Urban Ecology : Social ecology as applied to the study of urban centres and cities. It is a specialized branch.

    (b) Environment : It means geographic environment of human beings, i.e., temperature, water, land, air and everything surrounding them.

    (c) Ecology : Study of relationship between living things (plant, animal and human beings and environment).

    Question 2

    Explain briefly the meaning of the following terms/words :

    (a) Ecosystem, (b) Social Ecology, (c) Invasion and Succession.

    (a) Ecosystem : Ecologists consider human beings, animals, plants and environment i.e., temperature, water, land and everything surroundig them.

    (b) Social Ecology : The inter-relationship of physical, biological and cultural features of a religion is the subject matter of social ecology. Social ecology is a study of relationships between communities and environment.

    (c) Invasion and Succession : The incoming process of the rural people to the cities is called invasion and the process of occupation of urban region by replacing the original settlers in known as “succession”.

    Question 3

    What is ecosystem ?

    Meaning of Ecosystem :

    (a) The concept of ecosystem considers human beings, animals, plants and environment as parts of a single system called ecosystem.

    (b) The human beings, animals and plants are living components, while the environment is inorganic or non-living component of this system. The ecosystem functions and exists due to interrelation of these components.

    Question 4

    What is environment ?

    Meaning of Environment : Environment means both biological and geographical conditions. Since the time of Charles Darwin (1859) environment has been interpreted as the total web of life where both plants and animals are related with one another as well as with the physical features of a region.

    The environment has been destroyed by human beings for comfortable living. Destruction of plants, trees and forests, industrial pollution, automobile pollution, water pollution and noise pollution have degraded the balance in the ecosystem. In the modern industrial societies, exploitation of environment has become alarming. Any economic development seems directly related to destruction of nature.

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