Culture And Socialisation

  • Question 1

    Explain the meaning of following terms :

    (a) Cultural Evolutionism

    (b) Estates System

    (c) Great Tradition

    (d) Little Tradition

    (a) Cultural Evolutionism : It is a

    therory of culture, which argues that just like natural species, culture also evalues through variation and natural selection.

    (b) Estate System : This was a system in feudal Europe of ranking according to occupation. The three estate were the nobility, clergy and the ‘third estate’. The last were chiefly professional and middle class people. Each estate elected its own representations. Peasants and labourers did not have the vote.

    (c) Great Tradition : It comprises of the cultural traits or traditions which are written and widely accepted by the elites of a society who are educated and learned.

    (d) Little Tradition : It comprises of the cultural traits or traditions which are oral and operates at the village level.

    Question 2

    What is meant by the following words/terms :

    (a) Self image (b) Social Roles

    (c) Socialisation (d) Subculture

    (a) Self Image : An image of a person as reflected in the eyes of others.

    (b) Social Roles : There are rights and responsibilities associated with a person’s social position or status.

    (c) Socialisation : This is the process by which we learn to become members of society.

    (d) Subculture : It marks a group of people within a larger culture who borrow from and often distort, exaggerate or invert the symbols, values and beliefs of the larger culture to distinguish themselves.

    Question 3

    Explain the meaning of the following terms/words :

    (i) Culture (ii) Culture traits (iii) Culture complex.

    (i) Culture : Culture is a mode of behaviour and also a way of life. It consists of arious units called cultre traits.

    (ii) Culture traits : Culture traits are the individual acts and objects, which constitute the expression of a culture.

    (iii) Culture Complex : Culture complex an organisation or institution consists of more than one such cultural units or traits and the configuration of these simple units is called a ‘culture complex.’

    Question 4

    What is meant by following terms:

    (a) Norms (b) Values (c) Culture Pattern (d) Monocultural (e) Personality.

    (a) Norms : The norms are the rules of behaviour approved by society.

    (b) Values : The values refer to what ought and what ought not to be done.

    (c) Cultrue Pattern : A typical type of culture or specific type of culture.

    (d) Monocultural : Some type of culture or one type of culture.

    (e) Personality : It refers to that totality of a person which consists of biological constitution, attitudes, values, views, habits and behaviour patterns.

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