The Sermon at Benares

  • Question 25

    How does grieving affect the man?


    The Buddha preached that grieving never hepls anyone achieve the peace of mind. His body suffers and his pains increases. He weeps and tortures himself but his lamentation can't revive the dead.

    Question 26

    Wise don't grieve over the sufferings or the deaths. Why?


    Wise people are well aware of the terms of the world and the inevitability of death. They know that everything that has taken birth must die. Our lamentation can not lessen or check the sufferings or death. So they do not grieve over the sufferings or the dead.

    Question 27

    Who delivered the Sermon at Benares? What did he preach?


    The Buddha delivered his first Sermon at Benares. He preached his understanding and wisdom about the inscrutable kind of sufferings that people undergo when they experience the deaths of their near and dear ones. He preached not to grieve but, to be peaceful and free from sorrow.

    Question 28

    How according to Buddha can one obtain peace of mind?


    To obtain peace of mind, one should raise himself above the pains of the world by getting rid of the feelings of complaint, and grief. If one decides to clear away all the pain and suffering from the body, he will feel tranquility. Eventually, he will obtain peace of mind. 

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