Life Processes

  • Question 49

    Which plants having variegated leaves?


    Money plant, crotons.

    Question 50

    What is the source of energy used by plants in photosynthesis?

    Question 51

    Give reasons for the following:

    (a) Solar energy is available in plenty but animals cannot use it directly whereas the plants can.
    (b) Life on earth depends on the sun.


    (a) Animals do not have chloroplasts in the cells of their body. So, they cannot convert solar energy into chemical energy (food).
    Plants have chloroplasts (containing chlorophyll pigment) in their cells which can trap solar energy for producing food during photosynthesis.
    (b) All living things constantly need energy to be alive. They get the energy in the form of food. The food directly or indirectly comes from the green plants. The green plants trap light energy coming from the sun to produce food during photosynthesis.
    Green plants also produce O2 during photosynthesis which is necessary for organisms for respiration.

    Question 52

    A parrot is green in colour yet it is not an autotroph like green plants. What is the reason?

    Like green plants, a parrot does not contain chlorophyll pigment which can absorb and convert light energy into chemical energy that can be used to prepare their own food. The green color of parrot is not due to chlorophyll.

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