Life Processes

  • Question 1

    Why there is a controversy about whether virus are truely alive or not?

    Viruses do not show any visible or molecular movement in them until they infect some cell. So, there is controversy whether they are alive or not.
    Question 2

    Why are molecular movements needed for life?


    The living organisms are well-organised structures; they can have tissues, tissues have cells, cells have smaller components in them, and so on. Because of the effects of the environment, this organised, ordered nature of living structures is very likely to keep breaking down over time. If order breaks down, the organism will no longer be alive. So living creatures must keep repairing and maintaining their structures. Since all these structures are made up of molecules, they must move

    Question 3

    Why are life processes needed?



    Life processes are needed to maintain functions of living organisms like exchange of gases , assimilation of food, circulation of body fluids and removal of waste material 

    Question 4

    Name the life processes needed to maintain life.


    Life processes are:
    (i) Nutrition (ii) Respiration
    (iii) Transportation (iv) Excretion.

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