Life Processes

  • Question 85

    Why are mitochondria known as ‘power house’ of the cell?

    Mitochondria carry out all the oxidation reaction of respiration and yield energy. They have a number of enzymes to carry out energy giving reactions. So, they are known as power house of the cell.
    Question 86

    What is the main product of anaerobic respiration?


    The main product of anaerobic respiration are:
    Ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH) in yeast.
    Lactic acid (C3H6O3) in muscles and in some bacteria.

    Question 87

    What is anaerobic respiration?


    The process of incomplete break down of glucose in absence of oxygen is called anaerobic respiration. In this process only a small amount of energy is released. The end product of anaerobic respiration are etyhl alcohol ( in yeasts) and lactic acid (in muscles).

    Question 88

    How does anaerobic respiration take place in most of the bacteria, muscles and yeast?


    Bacteria and yeast respire anaerobically i.e., in absence of oxygen. Muscles of our body also carry out anaerobic respiration during excessive exercise or during short supply of oxygen.
    During anaerobic respiration glucose is incompletely oxidised and broken down into lactic acid or alcohol.

    (i) In muscles during short supply of O2:

    (ii) In yeast:

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